The 2007 No.7 on Mostyn Broadway
crossing Vaughan Streen at Llandudno
on Saturday 5th May

The Llandudno
and Colwyn Bay
  Tramway Society  

The 1936 No.7 on the promenade
at Rhos-on-Sea
(a b/w photo hand coloured by Llandudno Enthusiasts)

A 3'6" gauge electric tramway operated between these two North Wales seaside resorts
via Rhos-on-Sea from October 1907 until March 1956

The aims of the Society are:-
a) to record the history of the tramway
b) to rebuild a replica tram for public display during 2007 (centenary of the opening of the tramway) and to take it to public events in subsequent years
(with the longer-term aim of possibly operating a similar tram or a mini-tran on a demonstration line somewhere in the locality)

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Future Outings

THE NEXT OUTING......................

Although we were all geared up for No. 7 to take part, unfortunately the Colwyn Bay St David's Day Parade planned for 1st March was cancelled due to snow !!!

Our first outing is now planned for the "40s Weekend at Colwyn Bay" on the 21st/22nd April 2018

Watch this space for further 2018 outings..................

Got a business or event to advertise ?

    We can arrange front, side
or fender advertising just like the original trams....
..... all for just a generous 'donation'

- please contact our secretary or chairman to discuss if you are interested

    Think about all the good publicity you could get both during and after the on-going renovation - as well as supporting this worthy local charity !!!

   * * *   2017 Outings   * * *

Saturday - 2nd December 2017

No.7 took part in the annual 'teatime' Llandudno Christmas parade
and later posed on Rhos Promenade underneath the 'Tree of Lights'

note the Advent illuminations and the Christmas message !

Saturday and Sunday 20th and 21st May 2017

No.7 in Colwyn Bay getting ready for the "40s Weekend"
located in Penrhyn Road, complete with wartime bunting just applied

Saturday 29th April 2017

The first outing of 2017 - ready for the off - the new tramway baseball cap
- parked on Llandudno promenade after the Victorian Extravaganza Parade

   * * *   2016 Outings   * * *

Friday 2nd December 2016

Replica Tram No 7 visited the top of Station Road in Colwyn Bay
during the afternoon for the Christmas event..........

Saturday 3rd December 2016

..........before being hauled Llandudno
to take part in the annual Christmas Parade through the town the following afternoon

Saturday 6th August 2016

We held a fundraising event for our "half-size" tram on Rhos Promenade.........

.........followed by a hauled run to the old terminous at Llandudno West Shore

The Society have now obtained a half-size tram shell (to be known as ‘Tudno the tram’)
which needs fitting out to resemble a former Llandudno and Colwyn Bay tramway single deck car

The aim is make it fully operational - running on portable track which can ultimately be taken
to local events, schools, etc. to give rides for up to 12 people at a time
The complete project is expected to cost in excess of £10,000.00 --- please contribute to this worthwhile cause which will enable future generations of children to see and experience first hand how their
grand parents travelled

Saturday 18th May 2016

Our Replica Tram No 7 undertook a further hauled 'test run' to Rhos on Sea promenade

where hopefully she will be on public display later in the summer
as a fund-raising event for "Tudno - the smaller tram"

Saturday 30th April 2016
Llandudno Transport Festival

Our Replica Tram No 7 stands on the former track bed across Bodafon Fields
Despite the sun appearing, it did little to dry up the mud caused by heavy rain the previous day
and things got worse over the next two days

Repair and repainting work is continuing on the upper deck
(hence the temporary removal of the swing-over seats and safety mesh between the railings
Saturday/Sunday 16th/17th April 2016
Our Replica Tram No 7 took part in the Colwyn Bay "40s Weekend"
where we were joined by many other exhibits from that period

The tram surrounded by Milatary personel and equipment

   * * *   2015 Outings   * * *

We had our stall at the "Toy Fair" at Venue Cymru, Llandudno on Sunday 27th December

We launched our "appeal" to raise funds to restore the midi-tram to operational status
- so local children will be able to ride and find out first hand how their parents/grand parents travelled
At the same time we announced it will be called "Tudno the Tram"
- why not support our appeal to make this become a reality !!!
Please send your donation to our treasurer

* *   THE  FINAL  TEST  OUTING  of  2015   * *
The last two weeks has seen re-fixing of the remaining sections of the external rope lights round the windows
As the overhaul of the 1930's generator which powers the light was also just completed (it now gives out the full 240 volts again) the opportunity was taken to give No 7 a short test run to Colwyn Bay and back

After a short break on the promenade in the rain,   No 7 returned via the main streets of Colwyn Bay
adding to the Council's fixed illuminations on the last weekend before Christmas

Saturday 19th December 2015

Matador and Tram No 7 pause on Colwyn Bay promenade in the rain

side view - showing replaced top deck and lower deck window surround lights

                        inside lower saloon                        end view
<<<<<   towards Cayley Bank and Rhos-on-Sea     views from the wet top deck     towards Old Colwyn and Penmaen Head  >>>>>

Saturday 2nd May 2015

Our Replica Tram No 7 was at the Llandudno
'Transport Festival' over the May Day weekend..........

Bodafon Fields Llandudno with the former trackbed
behind the tram
Unfortunately it rained all day on Saturday and the fields became a mud-bath.......... no hauled runs were able to operate
On the positive side, the tram provided a useful area under cover for visitors to shelter

Sadly the rain continued on both the Sunday and Monday

Saturday/Sunday 18th/19th April 2015
Our Replica Tram No 7 took part in the Colwyn Bay "40s Weekend"
where we were joined by many other exhibits from that period

The tram surrounded by Milatary personel and equipment

photos:   Gordon Bird
"Passengers" relax in the sun on the Upper Deck swing-over seats
getting probably the best view of the event

Friday 27th March 2015
Our Replica Tram No 7
took part in the Colwyn Bay St.David's Day Parade
accompanied by several hundred school children
before spending the rest of the day in Station Road
to give our support to the HLF visit to examine the bid
to "Restore Colwyn Bay pier"

Applying Welsh flags before the parade       In Station Road after the parade    

The Llandudno and Colwyn Bay Tramway Society has
prepared a new illustrated book showing '50 pairs of photographs'
of the former tramway - many not seen previously

available on a strictly "First come, First served" basis

"Then and "Now"
(Printed book on glossy paper - 53/4 inches by 81/4 inches)
only £5 per copy (plus £1.50 postage)
* There have only been 100 copies printed *
Now available direct from our Sales Manager
Looking for that 'something different' for a Birthday Present ?

Get your copy NOW before stocks run out
--- and problem solved !!!!!

Alternatively get YOUR copy from our stall at the
Toy Fair at Venue Cymru on 27th December *

* - PROVIDING there are any left by then

to Colwyn Bay
Would your Club or Society like an illustrated talk
about the local tramway ?

If so, please contact our
Society Lecturer
or Chairman or Secretary
to arrange a suitable time and date

Colwyn Bay
to Llandudno
There is no charge for this, but the Ll&CB Tramway Society would welcome a donation towards its funds

Down Memory Lane - 1

                                              Photo:  from the collection of  Robert Brown Meikle's family
Robert Brown Meikle along with his engineering team
in front of tram No 12

prior to the opening of the tramway

Down Memory Lane - 2

                                                                                Photo:  Timothy Winstanley
Track recovered from a re-constructed bridge
at Bodnant Garden

Does anyone know when or how it got there ?
Possibly obtained when the tramway when it closed in 1956

Down Memory Lane - 3

                                                                                Photo:  Craig Rockfield
Raising Money for the original Tramway

Down Memory Lane - 4

                                                                                Photo:  Richard Prendergast
During week commencing 18th June 2012 work took place
to renew the surface of the road along Mostyn Broadway outside the swimming pool
After the top surface was scraped away the former tramtracks from over 50 years ago were exposed
- what a pity they wern't restored rather than being covered up again !

Down Memory Lane - 5

                                                                            Photos:  David Clegg
To mark 40 years after the closure of the tramway
the 2'0" gauge Replica Tram No 6 from the Seaton Tramway visited Llandudno for the annual Transport Festival in 1996

A considerable length of temporary track was laid along the former trackbed across Bodafon Fields
but sadly authority could not be obtained to operate it for visitors

Down Memory Lane - 6

After spending several years in an irish field
the body of former Lisbon 305

(still sporting the number 25 in Llandudno and Colwyn Bay colours as displayed well over a decade ago on Llandudno's Bodafon Fields - at the Transport Festival in 2000)
has now found further use as "The Tram Cafe" in Dublin

(This tram was originally purchased by the Ll&CBTSoc for its bogies - but the body was subsequently sold for further use)

Down Memory Lane - 7

                                                                                    Photo:  (c) D Chaplin

By far the least attractive tram in the fleet
works car "23
A" stands outside the depot at Rhos on Sea
awaiting her next call to duty

Yes, it always had a small "A" after the arrival of the ex-Darwen DD 23 !
Note the stairway to nowhere (at one time to a public upper deck in her former life before arriving in North Wales to replace the original works car)
(What would "Health and Safety" think of working off the top deck these days ?)

Ll&CB Tramway Society - Winter 2017-18 Newsletter

Do YOU want to receive a copy ?
Then make sure you are a fully paid-up member of the Society

If you are not already a member, why not join NOW ?
(only £10.00 per year)

1907 - Opening   -----   1956 - Closure   -----   2007 - Centenary
of the
Llandudno and Colwyn Bay Electric Railway

The operational tramway
Palladium Corner loop in the latter years
[ ex-Darwen No.23 and ex-Bournmouth No.15 ]

The above picture was 'hand-coloured' by Llandudno Enthusiasts
The Replica Tram No.7 at Palladium Corner
on Holiday Monday 7th May 2007

Llandudno Enthusiasts also have a forum on the
Tramway Centenary  -  click here to go direct to it

In order to raise further funds 'traditional style' adverts will be displayed on the tram,
(similar to those shown above advertising 'Catlin Follies' on both the 'old' No.7 and the 'new' No.7 )
for any firm who is prepared to give a "generous" donation
but hurry spaces are going fast !

With plans to have our Replica Tram No.7 on public display on further occasions throughout 2016,
this could be an unique opportunity to promote your firm both locally and nationally

Please contact the society chairman if you are interested

Would your firm like to Sponsor part of the cost of rebuilding one of our double-deck open-top trams ?

=====>   Are you interested - can YOU  help ?   <=====
The Society is looking for further committee members
also those willing to take an ACTIVE part at the various events in 2018
Without "YOU" the number will continue to decline
If you are interested, please contact the Society Secretary or alternatively any other committee member

There is a limit to how much further the Society can progress without a lot of real additional help from members and outside bodies

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