Moored at Verceia
in use as a resturant

PS Plinio

Lake Como

Moored at Colico
complete with wheel-house

          Photos: Marcello Baldrati
Date entered service -- 1903
Builder -- Escher, Wyss at Zurich, Switzerland
Length -- 53.16m
Breadth -- 11.50m
Passenger capacity -- originally 750
9th December 2010 During a storm on the afternoon of 9th December, the paddle steamer broke free and sunk into the lake
December 2008 According to the local newspaper - La Provincia di Como - following the publicity about the future of the laid-up paddle steamer, the Lake Como Coastguards are now interested in acquiring the ship to use as their office at Lecco
September 2008
The former paddle steamer continued to lie at Verceia on Lake Mezzola awaiting her fate
The director of the Natural Reserve has imposed her removal by the end of September
Her present owner (Nando Curti of the adjacent restaurant 'La Barcaccia') could not find anyone interested in buying her
Marcello Baldratti - webmaster of 'Lariana' - made a call for the salvation of PS Plinio and formed an association ' Amici del Plinio' (Plinio's Friends) to find alternative solutions to scrapping her
Please contact him here if you are interested or can help in any way
2003 The paddle steamer spent her 100th Birthday moored on Lake Mezzola and was virtually abandoned over the next few years
1999 Moved along the River Merato to Lake Mezzola (about 3 km north Lake Como) and moored near a hotel-restaurant at Verceia
To sail under the river bridge, both her wheel-house and funnel were removed, but only the latter was replaced
1988 Her name was given to the new Car Ferry which entered service in 1988
1973 For several years used as a "breakwater" for the new Como harbour and was later converted into floating restaurant for a few years
before being moved to Colico
1963 Withdrawn from passenger service and laid-up at Como
1903 The third ship to bear the name PS Plinio entered service on Lake Como using the engine of PS Plinio II (which was in service from 1882 to 1902)

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