C G N    Summer Timetable
Monday 18th August 2003

Photos of the explosion on board
PS Simplon

Shortly after 1015, the paddle steamer set off from Geneva
Jardin-Anglais pier on sailing 80 for St-Gingolph
Before reaching Geneva Pâquis - just five minutes away -
an explosion occured in the funnel damaging the vessel
and required an immediate withdrawal from service
The following pictures taken from the north shore of the lake by
John Mulliner show what happened before arrival of the rescue services

PS Simplon has just left Geneva Jardin-Anglais pier     
seconds later......   
with MPV Vevey and the former PS Valais to the right of the stern   
and MPV Genève (now in private hands) to the left of the bows   
close-up of the damage   
note the paddles are still turning !   
view from the stern with the passengers gathering in the bows   
and at the rear of the upper deck   
before being taken ashore by the local police launch   
to continue their journey by the tiny mv Col-Vert
photos: John Mulliner   

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