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C G N    Summer Timetable
"Ascension Week"
29th May - 3rd June 2003

G8 Summit at Evian-les-Bains


Based on local press reports,  the majority of public lake sailings
including those advertised to be operated by paddle steamers
were expected to operate normally during this period,
but with some alterations both  before and during the event
including ALL calls at Evian-les-Bains being suspended

More recent press reports suggest that the regular ferry sailing
between Lausanne and Evian-le-Bains will be withdrawn

from Ascension Thursday 29th May
"for the first time since the Second World War"

All special sailings from Lausanne (Ouchy pier) will be
"reserved for the members of the delegations
and to the journalists accredited lodging on the Swiss shore"

The same press reports suggest the
regular 700 commuters from Evian will be offered a temporary
alternative ferry service from "Lugrin (Tourronde pier) to Pully"

It now seems probable that ALL other public sailings by
the CGN (and the other smaller operators) anywhere in the
French waters of the "Grand-Lac" area of Lake Geneva
will have to be suspended

An updated statement from the CGN indicates that sailings
in the area will now be disrupted between
Ascension Thursday 29th May and Tuesday 3rd June inclusive
and special timetable leaflets should be available nearer the time

(in the interim see my outline paddle steamer timetable)

(The official 'printed' and 'on-line' timetables both show a normal service
on Ascension Thursday 29th May
but clearly that situation no longer applies)

   The CGN now plan   
limited "
full-length" sailings by PS La Suisse and MPV Italie
to operate, but these will all have to sail along the Swiss coast
from Ascension Thursday 29th May to Tuesday 3rd June
without calling at Ouchy

(due to the restrictions in French waters and access to Ouchy pier)

In addition, it is understood
MPV Vevey operated the normal Geneva based "Little Lake" sailings
mv Grèbe was to operate the "one hour cruises" from Geneva, vice mv Col-Vert
but these sailings have now also been withdrawn
mv Léman will operate the temporary Pully to Tourronde ferry sailings and
mv Chablais will operate from Vevey and Montreux "round the Upper Lake"
(with all other sailings withdrawn)

Click here for further information about the reduced level of sailings
by paddle steamers planned to operate during the "G8 Summit" period

You are strongly advised to confirm direct with the operator CGN
much nearer the time
and look out for any press-releases in the local newspapers

you might prefer to visit the lake outside this period

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