photo: Jean Vernet
The sun finally sets on MPV Italie

Final day in service of MPV Italie
Sunday 4th December 2005

An overcast sky
compliments the
mood as
MPV Italie
waits for her
passengers at
before setting off to
Château de Chillon
on sailing 38

                    photos: Nicolas Feller

leaving Vevey - sailing 38

leaving Montreux - sailing 38
(watched by mv Lausanne)

approaching Château de Chillon - sailing 38

"Au Revoir"
flag flown
on her final
sailings on
Sunday 4th

returning to Montreux - sailing 39

leaving Montreux - sailing 39

returning to Vevey - sailing 39

journey's end
Château de Chillon

note the Italian flags
on the castle

             photos: Jean-Pierre Butikofer 

Calling at Lausanne Ouchy
sailings 39-315

           photos: Patrick von Buren

The engine
Click here for further engine pictures
C'est Fini
MPV Italie back at Lausanne-Ouchy
having completed sailing 316 from Evian-les-Bains

                              photos: Daniel Eichenberger

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