Z S G    Summer Timetable
Mondays and Tuesdays
2nd June to 29th September 2009
(except Tuesday 8th September)
Click here for details of the dates either one or both paddle steamers were "observed" in service during 2009

The paddle steamers normally only operate during fine weather
  PS Stadt Zürich/
PS Stadt Rapperswil
sailing number 103 sailing number
Zürich Bürkliplatz 09:55 Zürich Bürkliplatz
Zürich Wollishofen 10:08 Zürich Wollishofen
Kilchberg Bendlikon 10:17 Kilchberg Bendlikon
Rüschlikon 10:23 Rüschlikon
Thalwil 10:29 Thalwil
Horgen 10:44 Horgen
Meilen 10:55 Meilen
Uetikon 11:05 Uetikon
Wädenswil 11:16 Wädenswil
Männedorf 11:27 Männedorf
Stäfa 11:37 Stäfa
Uerikon 11:48 Uerikon
Rapperswil arr 12:00 arr Rapperswil
Rapperswil dep 12:10 dep Rapperswil
Insel Ufenau 12:21 Insel Ufenau
Pfäffikon 12:29 Pfäffikon
Altendorf 12:47 Altendorf
Lachen 12:53 Lachen
Schmerikon 13:20 Schmerikon
next sailing 104 next sailing
  PS Stadt Zürich/
PS Stadt Rapperswil

  PS Stadt Zürich/
PS Stadt Rapperswil
sailing number 104 sailing number
Schmerikon 13:26 Schmerikon
Lachen 13:53 Lachen
Altendorf 13:59 Altendorf
Pfäffikon 14:16 Pfäffikon
Insel Ufenau 14:24 Insel Ufenau
Rapperswil arr 14:35 arr Rapperswil
Rapperswil dep 14:55 dep Rapperswil
Uerikon 15:08 Uerikon
Stäfa 15:19 Stäfa
Männedorf 15:30 Männedorf
Wädenswil 15:42 Wädenswil
Uetikon 15:53 Uetikon
Meilen 16:04 Meilen
Horgen 16:15 Horgen
Oberrieden 16:23 Oberrieden
Thalwil 16:32 Thalwil
Rüschlikon 16:39 Rüschlikon
Kilchberg Bendlikon 16:45 Kilchberg Bendlikon
Zürich Wollishofen 16:55 Zürich Wollishofen
Zürich Bürkliplatz 17:07 Zürich Bürkliplatz
next sailing - next sailing
  PS Stadt Zürich/
PS Stadt Rapperswil
This timetable shows the paddle steamers normally
planned to operate the sailings,
but steamer rosters are liable to alteration on a day by day basis

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