Swiss Paddle Steamers
last sailings in 2022

Two   Swiss paddle steamers in service at the end of 2022
expected  last day in service
PS Blümlisalp
Lake Thun
Monday 2nd January 2023
PS Rhône
Lake Geneva
mid-February 2023
paddle steamers laid up for the winter
last day in service
PS Gallia
Lake Luzern
Saturday 17th September 2022
MPV Helvétie
Lake Geneva
Laid-up at the Lausanne Harbour
awaiting finance for a new
engine and major re-build
MPV Italie
Lake Geneva
previously in serevice until
Sunday 23rd October 2022
Returned to service then
broke down after her sailings on
Sunday 25th December 2022
PS La Suisse
Lake Geneva
Sunday 16th October 2022
PS Lötschberg
Lake Brienz
Sunday 18th September 2022
PS Montreux
Lake Geneva
Friday 16th September 2022
(20 years ABVL Parade)
PS Neuchâtel
 Lake Neuchâtel 
Sunday 2nd October 2022
PS Savoie
Lake Geneva
Sunday 2nd October 2022
PS Schiller
Lake Luzern
Friday 30th September 2022
PS Simplon
Lake Geneva
Saturday 15th October 2022
PS Stadt Luzern
Lake Luzern
Sunday 16th October 2022
PS Stadt Rapperswil
Lake Zurich
In dock at Zurich
undertaking a major re-build
PS Stadt Zürich
Lake Zurich
Sunday 9th October 2022
PS Unterwalden
Lake Luzern
Saturday 8th October 2022
MPV Vevey
Lake Geneva
Sunday 11th December 2022
PS Uri
Lake Luzern
Sunday 18th December 2022

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