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31st December 2011
Lake Luzern
PS Unterwalden operated a New Year's Eve Gala Cruise from Luzern at 1930 on Saturday 31st December
19th August 2011
Lake Geneva
PS Rhône broke down near to Yvoire whilst operating sailing 101 on Friday 19th August as a result of damage to her starboard paddlewheel and was immediately taken out of service for the rest of the season
Her 140 passengers were transferred to mv Général-Guisan for the remainder of the day
mv Léman" was sent to tow the paddle steamer back to the dock at Lausanne-Bellerive where repairs were undertaken over the winter
1st August 2011
All lakes
Swiss National Day - Monday 1st August
Lake Geneva
PS La Suisse operated an evening Fireworks Cruise from Lausanne at 2030 on Monday 1st August
Lake Luzern
Fireworks at Brunnen
All four operational paddle steamers paraded in convoy followed by some of the motor vessels from Luzern at 2000 to Brunnen for the annual fireworks display
Lake Thun
In additional to the regular afternoon timetabled sailings 15-16   PS Blümlisalp took part in the annual evening naval parade from Thun at 2030 along with most of the lake's motor vessels
Lake Zurich
PS Stadt Rapperswil operated an Evening Dinner Cruise from Zurich at 2000 on Monday 1st August
15th July 2011
Lake Thun
PS Blümlisalp operated an evening Jazz Cruise from Thun at 1930 on Friday 15th July
14th July 2011
Lake Geneva
PS Rhône operated an evening Fireworks cruise from Lausanne at 2030 on Thursday 14th July
2nd July 2011
Lake Brienz
PS Lötschberg operated an evening Jazz Cruise from Interlaken at 1930 on Saturday 2nd July
25th June 2011
Lake Como
PS Concordia along with some motor vessels operated the anual evening Fireworks Cruise from Como at 2000 on Saturday 25th June
8th June 2011
Lake Geneva
After a private charter on Wednesday 8th June is was discovered her the superheater on PS Montreux failed thus causing in a complete boiler failure - ironically replacement parts which had only just been installed by the CGN the previous winter
The paddle steamer was taken out of service two days later for initial repairs but as it turned out, this was her final sailing of 2011
With hindsight, it was very fortunate the late decision had been taken to return her sister PS Rhône to service in 2011 after all, so she was available to cover her sister's first timetabled sailings on Sunday 12th June as well as serveral of her many charters
29th May 2011
Lake Thun
As a result of a pre-season charter in the morning PS Blümlisalp operated sailings 15-16 from Thun at 12.33 on Sunday 29th May
14th May 2011
Lake Geneva
PS Simplon returned to service following her major re-build on Saturday 14th May and operated the sailings to the Upper lake sailings from Lausanne
Lake Luzern
Naval Parade
All five paddle steamers paraded in convoy to mark the "return to public service" of PS Unterwalden following her major re-build on Saturday 14th May
This was a reapeat of a similar private parade the previous Saturday
Lake Zurich
PS Stadt Rapperswil operated an evening "Dinner Cruise from Zurich at 1900 on Saturday 14th May
10th April 2011
Lake Luzern
As a result of a pre-season charter the previous day PS Uri operated winter sailings 11-20 from Luzern at 10.12 on Sunday 10th April
17th March 2011
Lake Maggiore
PS Piemonte was the first Swiss or Italian paddle steamer to start earning her keep in 2011 by hosting a Static Exhibition at Laveno from Monday 17th to Sunday 27th March
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